Our Mission:

Create & Give Hope.

We create clinics in Ethiopia where travel distance is too far to reach a hospital for care. Ethiopia has one of the world’s highest rates of maternal deaths and disabilities in the world. Women have a one-in-52 chance of dying from childbirth-related causes each year. Every year, more than 257,000 children under the age of five die and 120,000 die in the neonatal period.


Current Need

Our focus is improving the quality of maternal and child health services across communities in Ethiopia. Only 75% of urban households and about 42% of rural dwellers are within walking distance from a health facility. Every year, 22,000 women and girls die during childbirth or as a result of complications of childbirth

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The Impact

Every day in Ethiopia, 38,000 young women travel miles to deliver healthcare tools and knowledge to individual households and healthcare posts across the country. Some run small healthcare stations, while others visit with families or women’s groups one at a time. The goal: to provide treat families for, early childhood development, immunizations, family planning and the importance of delivering babies at a health facility. 



Million Dollar Goal

Neighborhood Clinic developed with proper health equipment to treat mothers and children.


Start serving Families

Our health clinic will begin servicing mothers and children in early 2020. We are excited to start making a difference in the lives of Ethiopian families.


families to be served in 2020

Mothers with children no longer travel long distance to receive healthcare access and treatment